Blood ozone therapy

For those who want a healthy life

For those who want to have a healthy and enjoyable life

For those who are suffering from illness.


The blood of muddy is taken out of the body and washed with ozone to make it smooth.


This is an oxidative therapy that can be expected to be effective in "aging prevention" and "health improvement" by increasing the antioxidant power of the body by applying a small amount of oxidative stress to the blood using medical ozone gas.

Expected effects of blood ozone vitals

Oxygen reaches every corner of the body

Blood circulation improves to every corner of the body

It becomes smooth blood

Increased antioxidant power

Increase immunity

Cells become more energetic and produce a lot of energy

"Ozone therapy" increases antioxidant power

Some patients are worried that ozone gas oxidizes blood and rusts their bodies. No worries at all. A small amount of ozone gas stimulates the oxidative stress elimination system in the blood, so the antioxidant power increases. This has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Blood ozone vital therapy flow (required time is about 30 minutes)

STEP1 Blood collection in a special bottle Blood collection (100ml ~ 250ml). A dedicated glass container sucks blood due to negative pressure.
STEP2 Inject ozone gas Add medical ozone to the blood in the glass container. The amount of ozone used is important, and the optimum amount of ozone is accurately measured.
STEP3 Mixing Dissolve ozone gas in blood in a glass container. (Blood turns bright red due to ozonization)
STEP4 Infusion Return ozonized blood to the body by infusion. (Complete in about 30 minutes)