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Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

Medical corporation Kenwakakai

Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

Hospital General Director Yoshiomi mori

Japanese medical care is at a global level and has been protecting the health of the Japanese.

Unfortunately, however, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are increasing every year. Although medicine is progressing, diseases are increasing. I wonder why?


I don't think we can stop the increase in these diseases as they are. Because the current medical system is a system that starts only after getting sick, there is no preventive medicine as a system.

I noticed here and started collecting advanced foreign literature on preventive medicine 15 years ago. In Europe and America, preventive medicine began to spread rapidly as anti-aging medicine to regain youth. The more I know the situation in Europe and America, the more I want to spread medical care that does not cause illness in Japan. After all, I resigned as a university professor before retirement and went to the United States to study anti-aging medicine.

My goal is to create many healthy working elderly people who can contribute to society without knowing their illness.


Life expectancy has been increasing year by year due to medical advancement and welfare enhancement. On the other hand, the difference between healthy life expectancy is about 10 years for men and about 12 years for women. I want you to live long and live, not just to live long. In other words, “Young life”. Preventive medicine (anti-aging medicine) should be an indispensable medical field to create such a society.


I think that this anti-aging treatment and health tourism centered on this are the best plans to realize the ideal of anti-aging medicine.

Would you like to make your dream come true with me?

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