Deciduous neural stem cell extract infusion

The bone marrow in human bones and other tissues in the body are known to have stem cells (cells that grow into tissues and organs), and regenerative therapy that transplants the stem cells is attracting attention. The

This clinic will provide pulp stem cell culture extract treatment safely and effectively using the latest technology.

Deciduous stem cells are the nerves of the teeth in the central part of the tooth. Because it is guarded by the hard layer of the tooth, it is difficult to damage the gene, it is difficult to get cancer, and it contains a lot of very healthy and good quality stem cells.

Because stem cells are collected from the teeth and cultured, they are characterized by the fact that they can be collected easily and safely without the burden and risk of donors compared to the well-known methods of collecting stem cells such as bone marrow and fat.

Stem cells tend to decrease rapidly with age, so it is best to make them from as young cells as possible, such as “deciduous teeth and wisdom teeth under 20”.