Intestinal flora inspection

It is important for maintaining youth and health that the intestinal flora (intestinal flora) is in an ideal balance.

Let's start by knowing the current state of your gut microbiota!


The intestinal flora has the most influence on the keywords such as “disease, health, youth, aging, life span” that are important for us to live healthy. The health of intestinal flora has been revealed to be related to many diseases other than the intestines, and the importance of intestinal flora testing has attracted attention especially in the United States.

The Flora Check examines the types and proportions of bacteria that belong to good bacteria, opportunistic bacteria, and bad bacteria. In addition, we provide comprehensive detailed examinations of the intestinal environment.



Intestinal flora

It was named because the intestines are lined with bacterial flora like a flower garden (flora). The bacteria of the intestinal flora have various functions that are necessary for us to live healthy.


Inspection type

Flora check

Types and balance of good bacteria, bad bacteria, and opportunistic bacteria

Intestinal environment test

In addition to flora check, food degradation / absorption function, intestinal immunity, inflammation, pancreatic enzymes, pH, presence / absence of candida / yeast, allergic factors, etc.