Body composition test

Check the amount (rate) and basal metabolism of muscle, bone, fat and water.

For muscle, measure and balance by region (upper arm, forearm, thigh, lower leg, trunk), and left and right.

The body fat percentage and muscle mass of each part of the right arm, left arm, right foot, left foot, and trunk can be measured, so you can check your body in more detail. The body composition of the whole body and the basal metabolism and visceral fat level based on it are calculated.


In this test, you can know the level of visceral fat that is the source of metabolism.

(Body fat is whole body fat, including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.)

You can know the muscle mass and analysis of each part.

Muscles are also important for maintaining posture and consuming excess fat.

In addition, basal metabolic rate and combustion level can be understood.