In recent years, anti-aging treatment has rapidly spread as a medicine pursuing active aging prevention, and is expanding and becoming established in various services in the health and beauty related markets. This clinic has been working on anti-aging preventive medicine from an early stage, and provides the most advanced medical care in Japan. *

In addition, with regard to cancer treatment, we conduct gene tests related to cancer development and detailed tests that measure risk factors that cause cancer, and repair cancer genes and eliminate detected risk factors. Therefore, we provide medical care that suppresses the onset of cancer and does not cause cancer.


We recognize that we are at a stage where we should make further leap forward to expand the medical services we provide, such as the opening of new facilities starting from the current Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic for further development.

Medical corporation Kenwakakai

Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

Hospital General Director Yoshiomi mori


1984 Nihon University School of Medicine

1972 Graduate School of Medicine, Nihon University

1975 Oppama Central Hospital internal medicine, dermatology duty

1985 Renal laboratory work at the University Hospital of California, USA

1979 Pathology department of Itabashi Hospital attached to Nihon University School of Medicine

1984 Worked at Department of Pathology, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

1998 Deputy Director, Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital

2005 Akasaka Anti-Aging Clinic opened

2009 Akasaka AA clinic (Now:Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic) opened

2012 Chairman of Medical Corporation Kenwakakai is appointed


Introduction of Dr. Mori's books

A healthy longevity 100-year-old society created with the power of hydrogen

published by good.book

Disease treatment starts with blood cleansing

Published by Shinonome Publishing

Plant power to create a body that keeps disease away

Published by Shinonome Publishing

Special detox health law

Published by Shinonome Publishing

50 habits of “looking young”

Published by KK Bestsellers

Rejuvenate 10 years old! A book that understands the latest anti-aging

Published by Gijutsuhyōron-sha

Dr. Mori received the Higashikuninomiya  Memorial Award

On April 18, 2015, the award ceremony for the “Higashikuninomiya Memorial Award” was held.

* Hiraku Hisakyu Higashikyu is the queen of the Showa Emperor and the closest royal family to the Emperor, and is famous for his post-war processing as the Prime Minister

About the Higashikuninomiya Memorial Award

Higashikuninomiya Memorial Award

In 1963, the Higashikuninomiya Memorial Society was established, and in October 2002, the NPO Inventive Intellectual Property Study Group should not only respect large inventions, but small inventions and ideas as well. is there. If everyone is pleased with the delicious miso soup, they should be respected as well. ”“ There is no difference between the top and bottom of the invention, everyone is precious. It is an award given to those who are carefully selected based on the philosophy of “Invention is more important.

For those who have received the Higashikuninomiya Award so far ...

Kanto Automobile Co., Ltd.President Hayashida, President Yamato Seiko Matsui, Inventor Dr. Hidetsugu Yagi, Rocket Researcher Hideo Itokawa, Japanese Chewing Gum Inventor Masakazu Tanaka, President Mabuchi Motor Kenichi Mabuchi, Yanagiya Kingoro, Edoya Nekohachi, President of Toyota Motor Corporation Kiichiro Toyoda, Shusaku Endo, Former Prime Minister Takeo Miki, Noboru Takeshita, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Yukio Aoshima, etc. 

A word from Dr. Mori

We received the announcement of the Higashikuninomiya Memorial Award and attended the award ceremony on April 18th (Invention Day). We have acquired three patents so far, and this award was highly evaluated for its contribution to the development of clinical laboratory equipment that applied microwaves, speeding up the pathological examination and improving accuracy. This is a study more than 20 years ago, and it is an honor to receive such a prestigious award because it can contribute to the improvement of important quality control by speeding up the pathological examination.