Medical aiming at Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

Medical aiming at Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

How can you keep your physical strength when you are young and how you can live when you are young!

This requires medical examination and treatment.

And by the realized “Young Life”,

How much can my dream come true? How happy can you be with others?

Our hospital will support this valuable and healthy life.

Diseases and aging start from abnormalities at the molecular to cellular level

If abnormalities such as small “distortions” and “scratches” that occur in the body during the course of life gradually deteriorate, health will eventually deteriorate and aging will be spurred. By examining and treating these “distortions” and “scratches”, the inherent self-healing power is also mobilized, normalizing from the molecular level to the cellular level, preventing the onset of diseases and braking against aging. And can be applied.

For the disease that has developed, we aim for the fundamental treatment from the cause.

Treatment content

Anti-aging dock

Various anti-aging docks / "Oligo Scan inspection" etc.

Anti-aging internal medicine

"Blood cleansing therapy" / "Intestinal flora transplantation therapy" etc.


Sag improvement / stain improvement / wrinkle aging line improvement / skin regeneration / diet / hair growth / hair growth

Cancer treatment

Immunotherapy / gene therapy / microwave therapy

Capacity development

Biofeedback / Neurofeedback / Halo Sports (Management, athlete)

Medical corporation overview

Corporate name: Tokyo Preventive Medical Clinic

Established: February 2005

Location: Shin-Akasaka Building, 3rd to 7th floor, 3-13-10 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Number of employees: 25 (3 doctors)