Cancer prevention / non-disease improvement and cancer recurrence prevention courses

the purpose

Medical treatment that suppresses the onset of cancer and minimizes the incidence of cancer.

Cancer cells discovered by conventional PET-CT tests and tumor marker tests have been 10 or 15 years old and are no longer an early detection.

Our clinic can detect cancer cells of 5mm or less. It also senses future cancer risks at the genetic level.

Therefore, early detection of cancer in the true sense becomes possible.


Inspection and treatment

In fact, patients in Japan and China are waiting for a few years to metastasize, and have not been treated for treatment.

The recurrence prevention treatment of this clinic measures the number of cancer cells in the blood during that time, and it can be predicted whether it has metastasized or not, so it is not “waiting cancer prevention” but “attack” There is a crucial difference that it is "cancer prevention".

The second and subsequent treatments will be made to order based on the test results for each patient.