Intestinal flora transplantation therapy (intestinal flora reset therapy)

The intestinal flora has been revealed one after another the important role of organizing the function of the intestine, strengthening immunity, and supplying metabolites necessary for living healthy.

When the balance of the intestinal flora is lost, not only is immunity lowered, but health is also impaired and aging progresses. We cannot live healthy without a healthy intestinal flora.

Composition of intestinal flora

It is said that there are about 100 trillion intestinal bacterial flora consisting of 1000 kinds of various bacteria. In terms of weight, it is about 1.5kg, and there is a volume that is not an exaggeration to say that it is one organ. The bacterial flora consists of good and bad bacteria, and an intermediate opportunistic fungus.

Flow of intestinal flora transplantation therapy

STEP1  Counseling

There will be an interview with a doctor and there will be an explanation for treatment.

Please have a light breakfast. The treatment will be smoother if you come to the hospital after defecation.

STEP2  Change of clothes and preparation

In the intestinal lavage room, change into a medical suit and lie on your bed.

STEP3  Intestinal cleaning (colon hydrotherapy)

A trained and certified nurse is in charge of treatment. It takes about 40 minutes.

STEP4  Injection of lactic acid bacteria cocktail

Lactic acid bacteria cocktail (about 1 trillion) is injected into the large intestine from the anus.

STEP5  Break → End

After 10 minutes resting on your back, you will be finished.

There is guidance on future lifestyle habits. There is a description of the supplements that I am taking after treatment, it is the end.