High concentration vitamin C infusion therapy

I think the quality of medicine is particularly important because it is repeatedly put in large quantities in the body.

A preservative is added to maintain the quality of domestically produced vitamin C preparation (2g), but in our hospital, a super high-concentration vitamin C preparation made by Mylan manufactured in Ireland that does not use preservatives is fresh. Air transported from the factory in strict refrigerated containers with the highest quality.

This is the only formulation that has been adopted in clinical trials of high-concentration vitamin C infusion therapy in the United States and Canada.

Please note that many vitamin C preparations contain preservatives and are not guaranteed to be safe.

Features of high-concentration vitamin C infusion therapy

Indications for high-concentration vitamin C infusion: Reduced cancer risk, enhanced immunity, infection, anti-aging

Treatment time: 1-2 hours

Visits: 1 to 10 times

Vitamin C essential for skin and whitening

Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect and is essential for women's aging care measures such as skin beautification, whitening and anti-acne. But the benefits of vitamin C are not only that, but it also helps to avoid injuries that come from bad lifestyles and to solve many of the problems of modern society. There are methods of taking supplements and ingestion by drip, but use them depending on the purpose.

High-concentration vitamin C infusion therapy enhances immunity and prevents infection

Stress and aging can reduce immunity. Protect yourself from cancer and complications with enhanced immunity.

It can be used in combination with existing anticancer drugs without side effects.

High-concentration vitamin C drip therapy for "skin beautification", "aging prevention" and "fatigue recovery"

Normal cell activation by vitamin C, collagen increase, whitening effect, aging care effect.