Chelation infusion

Chelation therapy is a treatment that discharges harmful minerals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum that naturally accumulate in the body from food and air.

It also discharges calcium that is attached to arteries and hardens them, softening blood vessels and improving peripheral blood flow.


Indication of chelation therapy: Detox of harmful minerals / Improvement of arteriosclerosis (angina, myocardial infarction)

To discharge harmful minerals!


About 80% of our people have already been contaminated with harmful minerals.


Harmful minerals (lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, and aluminum) are steadily entering the body through food, water, exhaust gas, and daily necessities.

With the deterioration of the global environment, harmful mineral pollution is spreading globally.

Harmful minerals accumulated in the body are toxic and cause aging and many diseases


To improve atherosclerosis!

If the inner diameter of the blood vessel is increased by 10%, blood flow will increase by 50%.


In today's society, calorie-rich diet, lack of exercise, and a stressful society are causing diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction that lead to the death of the circulatory system.

A blood vessel that has become hard due to arteriosclerosis has a narrowed lumen and a reduced blood flow. Injured blood vessel lumens are prone to blood clots and can clog blood vessels. And because there is no subscription, it can be fragile, failing, and bleeding.

The stiffness of the arteriosclerosis is due to calcium deposition, and the chelation reduces the calcium and softens it, expanding the vessel lumen.

What are the harmful effects of harmful minerals in the body?

Inhibits many enzyme activities in the body. Cell metabolism decreases.

→ Protein degradation degradation

→ DNA synthesis disorder, decreased cellular metabolism

→ Immune function decline

The increase in active oxygen oxidizes and scratches cells and chromosomes.

→ Induction of carcinogenesis

→ cell degeneration, necrosis

→ Immune function decline


It may cause aging of disease and the onset and progression of all diseases including cancer.